Friday, December 23, 2005


Pot Roast

Muli bwanji bambos.

There is much mvula here in Malawi. This is very good for the gardens, and the maize it growing. I must go to the garden in my village many times to look after it, and boss sometimes drives me home in the Toyota.

This is why I am not writing many recipes.

Boss has shown me a prize for a fridge and I see many fridges of people. Oh there are many things in those fridges that we do not have here, even in Kandodo. I want to go and be cook in USA and learn about these foods. I can do if someone helps me. I like Mrs Ann fridge and also Mrs Heather fridge, but I do not know the food in the fridges except milk and some things.

Mr Foraix start the prize. Mr Foraix was here in Kalimbuka before. He have work in crocodile farm in Zambia and he visit here to see Mr Milngavie. I cook him chambo. He gave me big bonus. He is happy man.

Yesterday I cook Pot Roast, sweet potato and carrots for boss. This is recipe.

Rub flour, salt and pepper on beef.

Put fat in pot and fry all sides of beef for short time until brown.

Put trivet in roast pot and lay beef on top. Add 3 cups water and put top of roast pot. Cook in oven on low heat for two hours, and turn beef each half hour.

Add sweet potato to oven and cook for half hour.

Then add chopped carrots to roast pot and cook all for one more hour.

If it dry out at any time, add more hot water.

Serve with gravy from juice and flour.

Mr Milngavie like this meal.

Yours faithfully


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Spinach with peanuts

Mr Milngavie is away on safari, so I have time to write a new recipe. It is still not rain.

This food tastes nice. We eat it a lot.

Put three tomatoes in boiling water for short time, and then peel and chop up. Put in pan with some smally chopped onions and crush garlic and some stock. Cook on low for 15 minutes.

Grind 4 ounces groundnuts in Kenwood mixer and add to pan, and continue to cook slowly. Add more water in it needs. Add some tumeric.

Wash spinach carefully to remove all earth, cut off stems and boil spinach for 1 minute. Remove and chop on chop board.

Add spinach to pan, and add little nutmeg and little salt. Cook for 10 minutes.

Can be add to many dishes.

Yours faithfully


Monday, November 07, 2005



Muli bwanje,

Boss friend brought some good spices from Nairobi, and I will make Biriani.

Grate one medium size and almost unripe pawpaw.
Squash whole garlic and pound 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger.
Chop 2 pounds of sheep into medium chunks.

Add all to a heavy pan and put in carton of yoghurt and juice of two limes and heat slowly for long time.

Fry lots of onions slowly in another pan, and then set aside. Fry chopped 5 potatoes and set aside.

Then grind 4 cardamon seeds, 4 cloves, 2 cinnamon, 1 teaspoon coriander seeds, half teaspoon of black pepper.

When meat is nearly cooked add these spices to the meat, and add one matimati, and some fat from fry pan.

Cook on low until sauce is thick, and if necessary, add some water to keep cooking.

Cook rice.

In big casserole pan place layer of rice on bottom, then add meat mixture, then add another layer of rice, then add cooked onions, then final rice.

Put chopped cooked potato around edge.

Put in oven for half an hour and serve with mango pickle.

It is a long recipe.



Thursday, October 27, 2005


Seven things for Mr Robmcj

Moni. This is not a recipe. This is a game from Mr Robmcj.

Seven things I want to do before I die:

1. Have three more children
2. Have makumi awiri grandchildren
3. Finish building my house
4. Bowl like Warney. Boss give me a small bonus when I get him out. If I can bowl like Warney I can get him out every ball, I think.
5. Go to Edinburgh to see Mr Hotboy in his big house
6. Write a book with my recipes
7. Get fertilizer for my garden

Seven things I can do:

1. Cook
2. Set table for full dinner
3. Washing up
4. Ironing
5. Washing
6. Polish floors
7. Shopping to market

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Bowl like Warney.
2. Drive the jinglamoto
3. Catch the mkango
4. Be a witchdoctor
5. Play boss guitar
6. Hit a sixer like Mr Milngavie
7. Fire gun

Seven things I say a lot:

1. Zikomo
2. Muli bwanje bambo
3. Ndili bwino
4. Iai bambo
5. I can do
6. HowsThat!
7. Watch out Cabbage

Seven things I find attractive in a female:

1. Her must be good for having many children
2. Her must be good at pounding maize
3. Her must be good to clean house
4. Her must not go with other men
5. Her must have rich father
6. Her must have many goats
7. Her must have big garden

Seven celebrity crushes:

1. I do not understand this question. Mr Milngavie say put Julie Christie, but I do not know her and do not want to crush her.

Seven random people I invite to do this next:

1. Prince
2. Cabbage
3. Abdul
4. Aubrey
5. Triphonia
6. Annie
7. Richard

Zikomo quambiri


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Goat and nyemba

Prince Msiska has arrived here to shoot the lion. He said that he was very tired after coming from Blantyre first thing and listening to stories from boss all day, and he will fall asleep tonight instead of shooting the lion. Abdul will keep Casper and Farley tied up and be alert.

The lion ate a goat from Nawimbe Village.

It is almost end of Ramadan, so the Arab friends of boss will likely give him some goat.

Here is a recipe for Goat and nyemba.

Cut goat meat into cubes and soak in juice of lemon, herbs, salt and pepper.

Fry meat in oil and add chopped onions and matimati.

Add one cup of cooked nyemba (beans) and one Oxo cube and one cup water.

Put in casserole dish in oven for 45 minutes.

Serve with sliced bread.



Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Coconut bean soup

Here is a recipe that my brother gave to me. They eat this in the north, and my brother added some ingredients for the mzungu. It is good for Mr Hotboy, as there are no dead animals in it.

Fry two chopped onions and a chopped green pepper in butter in a large pot, and add some curry powder, salt and fresh ground pepper until onions are see through. Put in some chopped matimati (tomato) and cook for another two minutes.

Add 3 cups kidney beans which have been soaked and boiled until tender.

Then add 2 cups coconut milk and 3 cups water and boil gently for 10 minutes.

Add half one cup of cooked rice and boil for two minutes.

Serve with grated coconut on top, in soup bowls.



Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Curried Chambo

Boss is away at the Lake, and he will bring back some fish. He has said that he wants to eat curry more in the next few weeks so that he can know how the Pakistan cricket men will think when they play England.

Here is my recipe for curried chambo which I will cook for him when he returns.

Fillet 6 chambo.

Bring 2 cups milk to boil and and add 1 cup grated coconut, then take away from cooker and cool.

Drain and squeeze all coconut, and give coconut to servants.

Mince 3 onions with some salt and pepper and ground coriander, ground cumin and ground piri piri.

Fry the onions and spices slowly in butter until onions are see through.

Add two table spoonfulls of lemon juice, a little sugar and coconut milk and stir.

Put fillets in an oven dish and add onion and all juice from frying, and bake in moderate oven.

Serve with boiled green beens and chips potatoes.

Your faithfully


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